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We live in a juxtaposed world. Opportunities are ample, yet still difficult to discover. Competitions are plentiful yet require strenuous efforts to come across. Information is available, yet almost impossible to find. Comprich seeks to make this world just a little less confusing. As opposed to spending countless hours searching for competitions, we have them all in one convenient place. Register and discover your hidden potential.

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Siddhant Tandon

Chief Executive Officer

Siddhant Tandon is an avid debater, economics nerd and hardened competition veteran. Having won many competitions, such as the DEWA Conservation Award, MUN conferences, and even the World Scholar’s Cup, he realizes the significance of participating in competitions, and the enrichment gained from doing so. He believes that competitions are essential for the personal and professional development of any person, and that they provide exposure one would never have in school.

Saatvik Sharma

Chief Technology Officer

Saatvik Sharma is a passionate drummer and a website developer. Having participated in many debate competitions, he understands people’s difficulties with mustering enough courage to participate in competitions, and wanted to provide a platform to help these people. According to him, The experiences gained in competitions shape people’s personalities, which determine what type of person they will be in the future.

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