Our Mission
We live in a juxtaposed world. Opportunities are ample, yet still difficult to discover. Competitions are plentiful yet require strenuous efforts to come across. Information is available, yet almost impossible to find.

Comprich seeks to make this world just a little less confusing. As opposed to spending countless hours searching for competitions, we have them all in one convenient place.
About Us
Siddhant Tandon
Saatvik Sharma
Connor Clark
MD - North America
Siddhant is a seasoned competition veteran, winning competitions such as the Tiger Global Case Compeittion, as well as organizing many others including the largest THIMUN affiliated MUN conference in the Middle East. He brings his experience to Comprich to develop solutions for students all over the world.
Saatvik Sharma is a passionate drummer and an experienced website developer. Having participated in many debate competitions and hackathons, he understands the struggle of mustering enough courage to participate in competitions and wants to provide a platform to help.
Connor is an experienced debater, placing 12th in Lincoln Douglas Debate at NSDA Nationals as well as clearing at national-circuit tournaments like the Harvard Invitational. At Comprich, he plans to spread his love of gaining knowledge through competition to as many students as possible
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